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About Divine 3 Ministries

Divine 3 Ministries was formed in January of 2004 by Cheryl Sumpter. Across the years, Divine 3 has seen many souls saved by the grace of God through our ministry. We have also seen some incredible miracles and even miracles that God worked right within our own group. Our desire is to be a light for the lost and hurting as we endeavor to share about the matchless, divine love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Cheryl Sumpter

Cheryl Sumpter is one of the original founding members of Divine 3 Ministries. Prior to starting Divine 3 in 2004, Cheryl had a solo ministry for 15 years.
As a child growing up in church, Cheryl sang special music with her mother and sister. Cheryl’s powerful, alto voice and the anointing on her life are brought forth in every aspect of her ministry, and these draw those in need of a touch closer to God. Cheryl is Married to her husband Tony Sumpter who is also the groups sound technician.
Cheryl & Tony have two children. Daughter Haley, son in law, Eric. Son, Bradley Sumpter and daughter in law, Brandi. They have four beautiful Grandbabies, Colton, Brylie, Adilynn, & Bristol. Cheryl and Tony make their home in Clarkesville, Ga.

Scottie Holmes

Scottie is the tenor of the group, and he is married to Kay. He has been in ministry fo 35 years. He started singing at age 5 with his family. 
God led him to several different groups over the years and allowed him to start his family group, the Holmes family. It was while singing with his family that they met Cheryl Sumpter. Years later, God led Scottie and his wife, Kay, to join Divine 3.
Scottie’s main desire is to be obedient to God’s calling on his life. Scottie states, “I want Him to use me by putting myself aside and letting Him lead me. This is not about us, but He who liveth in us that will draw the lost and heal the sick. When people hear Divine 3, I want them to see Jesus through us. If you forget me, you have lost nothing, but if you forget Jesus you have lost Everything.”

Kay Holmes

Kay is the soprano of Divine 3. Kay is married to Scottie the group’s tenor, and they have been married for 23 years. They have two boys, Isaac and Matthew.
Kay started singing in church when she was in her teens. She has sung with  different groups through the years including their family group, the Holmes Family. It was while singing with with their family group that they first met Cheryl, and little did they know at the time what God had planned for them. In His time, Kay and her husband were led to join the ministry of Divine 3.
Kay’s desire is to tell people about Jesus. She fully believe’s singing is the calling the Lord has placed on her life. Through the touch of the Lord on the ministry of Divine 3, her desire is the lost to come to know Jesus, the sick to know there is hope, and burdened to find peace.

Dennis Bryant

Dennis began traveling and playing music at the age of 14. During his teenage years, Dennis was privileged to play such venues as the Grand Ole Opry, live radio, and nationally syndicated, television shows. Dennis spent most of his music career with the nationally known Sunny South Quartet.
Dennis says, however, that blessings have never been so great as the last 12 years spent with Divine 3.